Terms & Conditions

*Please take note:We try our best to communicate with our suppliers on a daily basis regarding stock levels and pricing.Due to the volatile exchange rate, prices change almost every hour!If it happens that in the unlikely event that we can not supply the goods to you the customer at the price on the website we will refund every cent back to you the customer.

*We do however advise to make use of our EFT payment option and not the credit card option, and to wait for confirmation from AYA trading via email that the goods are available at the agreed price before making a payment.

*We do apologize for any inconvenience caused, but like any other business we need to protect ourselves and the end customer. 

This page is intended to give clear information on your rights, as well as our terms of business. If you have any queries on these terms or do not understand them, please contact us for a full explanation. At AYA Trading cc we want to give you the highest possible service - that's the best way to keep you coming back! And although we dislike "small print" as much as you probably do, it is for your protection; so please take time to read it. Thank you.

Minimum Order

Because of the ever-increasing costs of processing credit card payments our minimum order amount is R100.00 excluding delivery.

Warranty / Guarantee

*Due to the nature of the products we sell , they need to be installed by competent Qualified personnel

*In the event of a warranty claim the product shall be returned to AYA trading at the customers expense accompanied by Photo’s of the installation,Registration and qualification documents of the installer and where connected to a permanent Electrical installation a copy of the COC (Certificate of compliance) for the complete electrical installation and the Installation done with the products purchased from AYA trading.

*When received the products shall be assessed by AYA trading and the Manufacturer  

*Then only will a decision be made to replace or repair the faulty equipment

*If it is found that the equipment failed due to the customers negligence repair or replacement will be for customers account.

*All the equipment sold by AYA trading undergoes Quality checks and testing before leaving the factory to limit product failure.

*We do not sell any products imported by small companies even though they look similar and cost less in the long run it would not make sense if technical backup is required. 

*We do not cover damage caused by lightning  , or power surges

*There are ways to limit damage from the above just ask us and we will advise on solutions We are competent and Qualified after all. 


The supplier of any goods purchased is AYA Trading which is Registered in South Africa.

Address: AYA Trading, Kruger Street, Wolmaransstad, 2630

Description of Goods

The goods sold pursuant to these Regulations comprise items selected from those described on our Website or any other goods made to special order or offered via any other remote method such as email special offer .


The price of goods purchased via the website shall be the price advertised on our price list or provided by us in the form of a quotation at the time of purchase.


Except where an obvious error has been made by us, all quotations are unconditionally valid for a period of 14 days. After 14 days and up to 30 days we will respect our original quotation providing the cost of providing the goods to the customer has not risen by more than 10%. After 30 days a new quotation must be obtained.

Delivery Costs

Goods are delivered directly to your specified delivery address. The delivery charge will reflect the cost of dispatch, and will be agreed with the customer for each order.


Except in the case of approved credit accounts, payment for any goods purchased pursuant to these terms must be made by Credit or Debit card, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Payment must be made at the time of placing the order and prior to delivery.

*In the case where the payfast method is used a 5% admin fee will be charged.There is a 48 hour clearance time on credit card payments thus goods will only be shipped when funds clear.

*The customer can also do a direct EFT deposit into our bank account this does not have the 5% admin fee and if it clears instantly (FNB – FNB) or express clear available from all other banks online then the goods will be shipped within 24 hours 

*We encourage EFT payments on bigger orders it is just safer and more cost effective for all parties involved. 


*When cancelling any order after payment is done before shipment commences an admin fee of 15% is applicable and will be deducted , customer will be refunded with the balance.

*No electrical or electronic equipment can be returned for refund or credit after being received and signed for in good order and correct items supplied as per order placed online.Refer to our Warranty terms in the event of product failure. 

*In the event upon delivery it is found that the goods supplied does not match the order placed AYA trading must be contacted immediately on 0835183977  

Custom Products

Custom products are those specially manufactured to the specification of the customer. Although the regulations do not provide any right of cancellation for such orders, we will allow any custom order to be cancelled at any time before manufacturing has commenced. In such circumstances a full refund of any prepayment will be made, except where components have had to be ordered specially in order to meet your specification and we are unable to cancel the order with our suppliers. In such a case the refund on cancellation will be the amount you have paid less the cost to us of those non-returnable components. Once manufacturing has commenced cancellations cannot normally be accepted. However, in cases of genuine hardship an exception may be made - please see the 'Variation' section below for details.

Copyright Protection

Images are protected by copyright law. This means that it is illegal to copy or duplicate any products, articles, designs or photographs without express permission from its owner. Customers who provide images for us to use as the basis of a mosaic must ensure they have the necessary permissions if required,and will be be expected to indemnify AYA Trading against any claims arising from misuse of images, knowingly or unknowingly.

Our Terms

In addition to the terms shown as part of our Consumer Protection Act Statement the following terms apply to the use of this site and the provision of our Products and Services:

Any information found on this web site is intended for guidance only. The web site and the products described in it are subject to change without notice.

We will not be liable for damage to, or viruses that may affect, your computer equipment, software, data or other property as a result of your access to, use of or browsing of this Website or your downloading of any materials, data, text or images.

We do not guarantee that this web site will be compatible with all hardware and software that may be used by visitors to the site.

The copyright in the design and content of this site is and remains the property of AYA Trading. All rights are reserved. Some images or information may have been provided by third parties, and may be subject to their copyright. In each case the individual images or pieces of information are used with permission and the copyright of the owner is acknowledged.

Payment for products must be made at the time of placing an order as shown on our Order Page. Payments by credit card will show on card statements as paid to AYA Trading.

We cannot accept any order where time of delivery is of the essence. We will do our best to deliver the goods as soon as possible after your order has been accepted. However, we will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you through reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery. In the event that such a delay becomes likely, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Our terms take precedence over any conflicting terms of individuals or organisations purchasing our Products and Services. We cannot accept any orders where the purchaser requires their own terms to take precedence.

No contract exists between us for the sale of any goods until the we have received and accepted your order and (with the exception of approved accounts) payment in full in cleared funds. Once we have accepted your order and payment if applicable, there is a binding legal contract between us. Acceptance of your offer to buy the goods will not take place until after your payment is taken. It is at this point that a binding legal contract is created and any contract is subject to these terms of business.

We may change these terms of sale without notice in relation to future sales. However, our current terms will always be available for perusal on this site and a copy will be made available via email on request.

Complaints Policy

We try very hard to ensure that you will have no cause for complaint about the products and services supplied by us. However, we are only human and it is possible that at some time a mistake may be made. In the unlikely event of this happening it is our stated intention to address the problem directly, and to learn from any problem that may arise in order to reduce the chances of any future difficulty from a similar cause. We undertake to:

Deal with any problem that may arise quickly, efficiently and sympathetically.

Always treat our customers with respect and courtesy.

Put right as a matter of course anything that we may do wrong - our customers should expect that rather then hope for it!

Give all our staff the authority to deal with simple complaints on the spot without needing to refer to senior management.

Always allow customers to access the highest level of staff if they are dissatisfied with a decision of a less senior staff member.

Learn from any complaint we may receive so that any avoidable problem is not repeated.

If you ever have cause for complaint you can contact us via telephone, email, post or indeed any other contact method in order to get the problem addressed. You can use any of the contact details published on this site, but may  email info@ayatrading.co.za in the first instance.

If you are reading this section because you have a complaint you wish to raise, please accept both our apologies and our assurance that it will be dealt with as soon as you notify us.